BONUS! Preschool and the Boys

I wanted to post a few photos of Jonah on his first day of preschool, as well as some of the boys together that Jen took.  Enjoy!

Proud dad




Red alert: pacifier needed


Cute kid… how is he already like 15 years old??


Zoolander would be proud


Week 6 – Rainer Who?

You didn’t forget about him did you??  It’s been almost four weeks since my last post, so you’ve got some catching up to do!  As I did last time, I’ll give an update in this post, and then I’ll have three more photos in three separate posts right after this.

The Wilsies have been quite well, and it’s been a busy month for sure!  Jennifer and I are both back at work full time, Jonah started preschool last week (and seems to love it!), and Rainer has been handing out smiles like candy on Halloween!  He’s also making many more noises, coos, laughing, etc.

Rainer has been doing as well as ever with sleeping, eating, etc.  He’s been sleeping on his stomach at night for a few weeks now and doing great.  He still usually wakes up once to eat and then goes right back to sleep in the cradle.  He had his first appointment with the pediatrician in mid-August and was measured in the 53rd percentile for weight and 30th percentile for length… Jonah was always in the 90’s!  He’s had a couple of bouts with sniffles/sneezing/coughing, but nothing too serious.

Rainer has been at Gi-Gi’s house full time now since September 2nd, and he’s done well there.  The transition to the bottle was fairly seamless, although some days he seems to want to eat all day.  The girls love to take care of him, and I’m sure Jonah’s just glad to have another guy around for once.  Well, on to the photo… enjoy!


Week 5 – Just a Picture!

Well, almost just a picture.  We wanted to introduce another giraffe that is an integral part of Rainer’s life – his pacifier!  He can’t live without it, unlike Jonah who never wanted one.  And look at that big ol’ belly!


Week 4 – Seeing the World

Happy four weeks!  And five!  And almost six!!  Yeah I’m behind, but by now, you know that’s normal.  Rainer’s doing as well as ever.  He’s definitely a stomach sleeper like Jonah was, and he turns his head with ease while on his stomach.  Right now, he’s only on his stomach during naps or while sleeping between us, but we’re confident enough with it that we’ll probably put him on his stomach in his cradle soon.

We have a brightly-colored play-mat on which he can lie on his back and look up at things hanging, himself in a mirror, etc.  He enjoys that for a little while, and then he’s ready for something new.  His sleeping habits remain about the same – he wakes up to eat once a night most nights, somewhere between 2am and 4am.

He’s definitely starting to make more eye contact, which is fun.  Also, he doesn’t seem to cry for no reason at all… whenever he does cry, it seems to almost always be because he’s hungry.  Jonah’s been wonderful with Rainer – always gentle (except when he’s jumping on the bed and decides to drop-kick him), and always tells him “It’s ok baby” when he’s crying.  Jonah doesn’t want to be left out of the fun at home though, so dropping him off at Gi-Gi’s house for the day can be a challenge.  Anyway, on to the photo!  I’ll put up another post right after this with the week five photo (no text since I did all that here).  Enjoy!