Week 10 – Smiling, Talking, Traveling

The good thing about me neglecting the ol’ blog is that you get to hear about more Rainer changes at one time!  It’s pretty amazing how different he is from the last time I posted, five weeks ago – the biggest difference being in his personality.  It’s starting to really show through, and it’s pretty darn cute!  He’s generous with the smiles these days, and he loves to have long cooing conversations with whoever will indulge him.  I can even get him giggling a little bit if I tickle his tummy.

He’s still an impressive sleeper, sleeping through the night consistently – a normal night for him would be about 9:30pm – 6:30am.  He hasn’t nailed down a daytime napping pattern yet, but we haven’t really tried to force anything yet.  Right now, he’ll nap whenever is convenient – sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes shorter periods of time.  He must be working on some teeth or something because he pretty much has a constant stream of drool pouring out these days.  I’ve felt around the gums several times and haven’t felt anything yet, but I’m sure it’s coming!

He’s in cloth diapers now after we put them through an extensive “stripping” process.  Apparently they can build up remnants of detergent over time, which makes them A) far less absorbent, and 2) very stinky.  So now they’re stink- and leak-free!  Size-wise, Rainer is much smaller than Jonah was at this age (30th percentile in weight and height versus Jonah’s 90th), but the doctor says he looks great!  His hair seems to be lighter now than it was when he was born.  And his appetite is picking up a bit – Jennifer’s hoping she can keep up with his hungry belly!

Last thing to mention – we returned this week from a five-day trip to Chicago to attend the wedding festivities of one of my college roommates (congrats Beky and Husky!!).  Jonah stayed with Gram and Gramps (you guys are the best!), and Rainer tagged along with us.  We took a direct flight from Roanoke, and Rainer was awesome… slept through the whole flight!  He was pretty close to perfect the entire trip too.  He hardly ever fussed, and he just went along with all the bumps and challenges that come with travelling like he was an old pro.  We couldn’t have been happier with him.  And now, on to the photos.  Here’s week 10, and I’ll do separate posts for weeks 11 – 14.