Here We Go Again!

Welcome back!  It’s been almost two years since our last post, and a lot has happened in two years.  We haven’t really made an official announcement yet, so I suppose that’s what this is: there’s a 21-week-old bun in the oven!  Hmm, if that was literally the case, it would be all moldy or maybe charred and burnt beyond recognition.  Thankfully, we’re talking about a human being and not an actual bun.  Makes me think of this pregnancy announcement… so clever.

Just a week ago, we found out the gender – Jonah will have a little brother in July!  We didn’t find out the gender with Jonah, which was really fun… and this time we just figured, “Why not?”  Some of you may remember when Jen was pregnant with Jonah, we took weekly photos of Jen’s pregnancy starting at 18 weeks… so we’re a little behind on this one, but hopefully we can be consistent from here on out.  To briefly summarize the pregnancy so far, it’s been very good, all things considered!  For the first trimester and a half, Jen was fairly exhausted most of her waking hours, but that seems to have subsided for the most part.  She’s had very slight morning sickness, but not so the last few days, so maybe it’s on its way out!  Judging by the first (and probably only) ultrasound we had a few weeks ago, the baby boy is as healthy as can be.

So here’s the first photo of baby boy #2!  We’ll post some more details about various things soon, including details about how we found out the gender… it was a lot of fun!


Guess Who’s One!!

And guess who’s been one for over three months!!  Sorry about that.  I’m always apologizing… I should stop that.  If I don’t feel like blogging for a few months, deal with it!  Just kidding… really, I’m sorry.  So finally, here are some photos and stories of Jonah’s big day.  Enjoy!

Some of the decorations included tons of balloons and blown-up prints of Brown Bear characters drawn by Jonah’s very own Gramps!

Delicious cake made by Aunt Kristen.  Those are frosted Oreos around the side.

Jonah’s birthday cake!  Jennifer made him a sweet potato cupcake with blueberry yogurt icing.  As you’ll see later, he loved it!

Poor kid… he may have been loved a little too much that day.  Nah.

Yum yum

Granddaddy  and Gramps

Gram and Babu

Papa, Mother Oak, and Linnie… best great grandparents in the world!  So happy they could all be here.

Great Aunt Debbie, Jonah, Aunt Julia, Babu, Cousin Luke, and close family friend Lisa.  You might notice Luke’s interesting outfit.  It’s actually his dad’s (Uncle Tom) old lederhosen.  Thankfully, the outfit was torn that day and is no longer wearable.

Story time with the kids!  Reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” of course.

All the other kids got bored, but Jonah and mommy finished the story together.

Couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Opening gifts!  Everyone was very thoughtful and generous.  Jonah thanks you!

Danny Lowder MADE this chair and table for Jonah.  What an amazing gift!

Jonah and mommy with best friends Lindsay and Caleb.

Jonah was pretty much wiped out at this point.

Jonah’s great grandfather, Papa!  What a blessing he is to our family.  In the words of Uncle West: without Papa, none of us would be here!

And lastly (but definitely not leastly), Jonah with J.L. and Katie Sallie.  These two are as close to a big brother and sister as Jonah will ever have.

I’ll stop there, but there are many more party photos on our photo website… click HERE.  A very big THANK YOU to all who helped with the party, especially Aunt Kristen, Uncle Jonathan, Gram, and Gramps.  You guys were essential that weekend!

Keep your eyes peeled… for real this time.  I’m going to start adding monthly photos (retroactively and going forward), and I’ll have other stuff thrown in there as well.  Talk to you again soon!

In the Dark

I know I’ve left you all in the dark for over a month.  So sorry!  I really do intend to post more than once a month, and I’ll soon be posting about Jonah’s first birthday party.  But until then, here’s a little something to tide you over.  This is Jonah yesterday evening… he’s such a big boy!

Week 52, He Grew and He Grew

Well kids, this is it.  The last of the weekly posts.  Hopefully it’s been something that a few people have enjoyed reading.  It’s definitely been a blast for us… looking back at older pictures and seeing how much and how quickly Jonah changed is very cool.  It was a wonderful, adventure-filled, educational, exciting, and joyful first year.  I know, “Just wait, it gets harder.”  Yeah, but I’m not into those doom and gloom predictions.  People tried to “warn” us about the perils of childbirth, and while it wasn’t a walk in the park, it was an incredible, emotionally intense experience with an explosion of joy at the end.  Another example… being a skinny guy all my life, people keep telling me, “Just wait… it’ll catch up to you when you turn 20.”  Then it was 25… then 30… now people  promise I’ll be a slob by 40.  Well maybe so, but I don’t plan on it.  So while I anticipate difficult moments, difficult days, maybe even weeks in the future, I know that the overwhelming majority of those moments, days, and weeks will be filled with wonder at what God has done: used us to create another human being who is beautiful, and who we have the privilege of teaching and loving and ultimately discipling.  So hit us with your best shot, Jonah… we’re ready.  :-)

There are certainly a few noteworthy details to share with you since I last wrote.  The most exciting news of all: we have a full-fledged walker on our hands!  The day after his first birthday, he just decided he was ready… he started by walking between two things, but now he’ll walk through an entire room.  I’m pretty sure he got the confidence he needed from a push-from-behind walker thing with wheels that Gram and Gramps gave him for his birthday.  Anyway, he’s pretty funny… he walks with his hands up in the air and looks so excited and pleased with himself (go HERE for some video clips of him on that first day of walking).

Jonah had his one year appointment with his pediatrician, and he weighs about 24 pounds and is still consistently in the 75th percentile for most measurements.  He has definitely started to show preferences in the food he eats.  He’s not a picky eater by any means, but sometimes he loves bananas, sometimes he doesn’t… sometimes he loves sweet potatoes, sometimes he doesn’t… etc.  He had lamb for the first time today (Happy Easter, by the way!!).  Also, we’re just beginning to have to impose a little discipline on the kid.  He frequently opens the drawers in our kitchen (yes I know dear, I need to install latches on them), and we’ve started giving his hand a little pat.  Wait, can I even say that these days?  I feel like people go to jail for that stuff now.  Oh well… please accept my collect calls if you don’t mind.  Anyway, he gets a nice little attitude when we say “no”.  We often laugh when he does because it’s genuinely funny… but I guess I should consider not laughing at my child when he’s obviously being very serious with me.

Ok, so that about wraps it up.  Definitely keep checking back, or look for new post announcements on Facebook, or subscribe to the blog so you’ll always know right when I put up a new post (just click the “Sign Me Up” button on the left).  The blog isn’t going away… I just won’t be posting on a set schedule anymore.  But I hope to keep giving you all updates and posting photos of what we’ve been up to and whatnot.  Check him out at ONE YEAR OLD!!

Week 50, He’s So Gifty

Ok, so “gifty” isn’t a word… but A) if it were, it would apply to Jonah… and 2) I didn’t want to use any of the other three words that rhyme with fifty (nifty, shifty, thrifty).  Although they would most likely apply as well.  He is a shifty fella if you think about it; one day he’s his good ol’ happy self, and then the next day, he fakes you out and gets all cranky and uninterested in sleep.  It took us a few days (and nearly sleepless nights) to come to the conclusion that he must be cutting the largest tooth known to man.  So we loaded him up on ibuprofen for kids and presto chango: we had our Jonah back!

But back to “gifty”.  Jonah has definitely shown an increased interest in walking lately.  He’s a pro and will walk all day if we hold his hands… he even walks pretty well just holding one hand.  But sometime last week, we were outside doing some work in the hoop house.  Jennifer and I sat across from each other, and one of us would hold Jonah’s hand while the other encouraged him to walk towards us.  Well he definitely took three steps on his own more than once!  He looked very determined (we have video of it).  Will he be running around on his own at his first birthday party??  We’ll see!

Another rather amusing trick Jonah has learned, and something that he does almost constantly now, is turning his hands upward as if to say, “I don’t know.”  For awhile now, whenever he throws something, we say, “Where did it go?” and do the same thing with our hands.  I guess he thought it would be fun to copy us.  Other tidbits: he now says “mama” (occasionally) and not just “dada”… he gives high fives with great enthusiasm… he had a fun visit last weekend with Grandaddy, Babu, Uncle Tom, Aunt Julia, Cousin Luke, and Cousin Anna… he harvested spinach from our garden, ate it, and then threw it up (also on video)… he loves being outside on these exceptionally warm March days… and he’s still by far the most amazing baby in the world.  Although look at this photo, I don’t know how much longer we can call him a baby… he looks so OLD!