Week 15 – Chuckles, Drool, and Little Pigs

Rainer’s fifteenth week is upon us, and we’re just humming right along!  Even though we’ve been through all this with Jonah, it’s somehow still so new and exciting.  The new sounds he makes every day, the big smiles and hearty chuckles he gives out regularly, and the way he’ll lock his gaze on us showing that he knows us – there’s always something to look forward to!

He’s really starting to get to know his hands these days.  When we put him in his exersaucer, he reaches for the brightly-colored toys all around it and seems very interested in them.  He’s also becoming a thumb-sucker… uh oh!  Jonah never was, so this is new territory for us.  And speaking of putting things in his mouth, he must really be feeling some teeth coming in because he’ll soak a bib straight through in like 10 minutes with copious amounts of drool, and when he chews on teething toys, he really bites down hard.

Some firsts since the last post: halloween!  He dressed up as a little pig while big brother was the big bad wolf.  We’ll see if we can get some photos of that up here soon.  He went to his first Hokie tailgate and was, of course, the life of the party.  He’s weighing in around 14.5 pounds right now… about 3 pounds less than Jonah at the same time in life.  He’s healthy as can be though!  (Actually he has a little cold right now, but you know… in general)  That’s about it for now… here’s week 15’s photo… 16, 17, and 18 will be right up!