Week 32

Most sincere apologies – I haven’t updated this since 2014!  Much has changed since the start of the new year, not the least of which is having a mobile 7-month-old.  Rainer’s been working on crawling for the last several weeks, and he officially has it down!  It’s pretty exciting to see him aim for a target and now have the ability to reach it on his own.  He’s also become quite adept at clapping.  This started maybe a month ago – as we would clap to him, he started trying to mimic us.  He gets pretty excited about it.

Still no teeth!  He’s been drooling like a ravenous dog for most of his life, and it’s clear that his gums are in pain, but those suckers just refuse to push through.  He gets fairly clingy, too, when he’s in the most pain – putting him down is a big time no-no.  Despite the lack of teeth, however, we’ve started with solid foods!  Maybe two weeks ago, we presented him with a whole bunch of “Papa beans”… these are green beans grown by Jennifer’s grandfather.  He really enjoyed playing with them, and a few even found their way into his mouth.  The next morning, he presented us with a nice little Papa bean diaper.  We’re taking the same approach we did with Jonah: instead of fussing around with a blender and all that, we just give him straight solid food.  At this point, he’s just figuring out how to pick it up, what it feels like, etc.  It’s a bonus if he actually eats some, but he’s still basically on an all breast milk diet.

He’s a chatterbug for sure and is making new sounds all the time.  When he wants your attention, he’s notorious for making many coughing sounds in rapid succession.  A couple of firsts we’ve experienced since the last post – the stomach bug.  Ugh.  It started with Jonah last Thursday night… then Jen and Rainer started tossing cookies around the same time on Saturday night.  Poor guy – he was wiped out for a couple of days.  The other first is much more exciting – snow!  Around when Jen and Rainer were down with the stomach bug, we got around 8″ of snow.  Thankfully, everyone was well enough to get out and play on Monday.

That’s all for now!  To see all the new photos, scroll all the way down to Week 26… that’s the first one I added today.